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Bed Linen Trends Summer 2017 | herdysleep.com

Our bedrooms are our haven of privacy and relaxation, but away from view of visitors, they’re often the last to get TLC or a revamp. Many studies have shown that bedroom decor can affect the quality of sleep, so it’s time to unwind in style and give your bedroom a little lift! Changing up your linen is a simple and low-cost method of updating the look and feel (and it’s perfect for renters too), allowing you to make a statement without painting the walls or buying new furniture.

10 Tips to Protect Your Shed From Intruders | Safe Zone

The shed is an indispensable element of your garden. Whether it’s a workspace, a place to escape to, or being used for storage space, there are usually a number of valuables in your shed. From lawnmowers and power tools to your secret stash of presents for the kids, there’s a potential treasure trove waiting for an intruder behind a flimsy lock. Read on for our top 10 tips for improving your garden shed security and protecting your belongings from thieves. Ideally, your shed should be position

How to Decorate Your Orangery this Summer

Not quite a conservatory, but not a full-blown home extension either, an orangery usually features brick walls and an ornate glass lantern roof. While it looks beautiful on the outside, how do you make sure that it looks beautiful on the inside too? We’ve put together some ideas to help inspire your orangery’s decor. If you’d like to feel like you’re on the continent every time you step into your orangery, then the French style could be the one for you. Somewhere between a Parisian street cafe